SyncoPol® FG3002

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SyncoPol® FG3002  is a glycerine based polyol with hydroxyl value in range 54-58 mgKOH/g and molecular weight ~3,000 g/mol. The product has low viscosity in range 400-600 cPs at 25°C and functionality ~3.0

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Properties and applications
  • flexible slabstock foam for mattress, furniture, packaging, automotive and textile lamination.

Markets and applications
Furniture / Upholstered furniture

Flexible foams

Polyether polyols / Glycerine polyols, Triols

Polyurethanes / Polyether polyols

Alternative names
Poly (propyleneoxy) glycerol, Glycerine base polyols, Glycerine polyols, Glycerine initiated polyether polyols

Manufacturer: IRPC Polyol Co.,Ltd.

IRPC POLYOL Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between PCC Rokita SA and IRPC Public Ltd. The area of the Company's operations are the markets of South East Asia, China and India. Its main scope of activity is the production and distribution of polyols.

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