Consumer products and packaging

Consumer products are ready-to-use products that go directly to the target recipient. In response to the customers’ needs, the PCC Group offer has been expanded to include a segment of consumer products, such as polyurethane insulation, cleaning products and professional household chemicals and a segment of packaging products, which includes a selection of plastic containers such as bottles and canisters of different capacities.

Household chemicals and cleaning products

Finished products belonging to the category of household chemicals and cleaning products cover a range of preparations available in the form of liquids, gels, sprays and lotions of various properties. These are refined, high quality products that can be used both at home and in demanding utility rooms or in public places. Perfect for washing and rinsing fabrics, washing dishes, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, as well as furniture care.

PCC group’s offer of cleaning products and professional household chemicals can be divided into product groups like:


Polyurethane thermal and acoustic insulation can be used inside and outside buildings. Its main function is to prevent heat loss and to soundproof rooms. High insulation parameters, the possibility of assembly without welds and to isolate hard-to-reach places, as well as very good flame retarding parameters, help to significantly improve energy efficiency and building safety. Polyurethane insulations can be sprayed directly on different surfaces in the form of foam or assembled in the form of rigid polyurethane plates.

The benefits of using polyurethane insulation include:

  • high efficiency thermal insulation due to the elimination of thermal bridges,
  • effective filling of difficult-to-reach space,
  • the possibility of applying insulation directly on such materials as wood, concrete, membrane or sheet metal,
  • resistance to fungi and mould,
  • excellent sound insulation,
  • low absorbency and very good moisture management,
  • no shrinkage and subsidance during use,
  • windproof properties while maintaining air permeability,
  • reduction of the building’s operating costs,
  • increased mechanical strength at low load on the building structure.

Prefabricated high quality insulations for residential and commercial buildings can be found in the PCC Group product catalogue. They are available as spray polyurethane insulation as well as ready thermal insulation systems.


Plastic packaging is used in industry, among other things, to deliver a finished product to the customer. In the product portfolio of PCC Group, you can find both 5-litre canisters as well plastic bottles with different capacities – from 0.5 l to 3 l. Made of high quality polyethylene or polypropylene, they are convenient and functional packaging for various types of household and cosmetic products. Bottles and canisters are characterized with high mechanical strength and resistance to chemicals. All types of packaging can be produced in various colours tailored to the customer’s requirements.

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