Power industry

The energy sector is considered to be one of the most stable segments of economy. On the other hand, a heating sector, which constitutes a component part of the energy industry, has recorded a decrease in recent years due to progressing rationalization of heat consumption, among others. Customer’s needs include mainly heating, ventilation and air conditioning of rooms, water heating and technology needs of industrial customers. Following the major reduction of industrial production and abandonment of less energy-intensive technology, heating industry has lost a significant number of recipients. The observed trend makes energy manufacturers start paying more attention to the optimization of production and transmission. They that purpose they use e.g. innovative chemical compounds, owing to which they can reduce costs related to technological process, as well as management of production and transmission costs.

PCC Group, in order to meet energy producers’ need, offers a number of tested products and chemical formulations designed for electrical power and heating plants, power plants, heating plant, companies providing services in the scope of circuits of boiler water, heating water and process water. Products of the companies belonging to PCC Group intended for energy industry are specialised chemical agents meeting customers’ needs with respect to water purification, cleaning and conditioning of water circuits and steam-water circuits. These processes constitute the greatest challenges to energy chemistry.

Products for power industry

PCC Group’s portfolio designed for this industry covers a number of product groups with varied functions and applications including:

  • conditioning of boiler and heating water circuits,
  • water treatment,
  • regeneration of cation- and anion-exchange resins,
  • other processes used in manufacturing plants.

Furthermore, the company provides:

  • antiscalants,
  • descaling agents,
  • dispersants,
  • corrosion inhibitors,
  • pH-regulators,
  • cleaning agents,
  • complexing agents,
  • deoxidating agents,
  • other preparations for processes ensuring safe operation of plants in production facilities i.e. protecting elements during boiler standstill using the wet method, passivation, assistance in extinguishing self-ignition of coal dumps and increasing efficiency of wetting coal and coal dust during transport on conveyor belts.

Properties of the offered products

Chemical products offered by PCC Group may perform one of the above-mentioned functions or be multifunctional preparations e.g. forming a layer of film-forming amines, dispersing scale deposits, deoxidating water and regulating pH. Individual ingredients of mixtures should be noticed.  DEHA may serve as an example, it is one of the most important raw materials used for chemical formulations of PCC Group intended for energy industry. It demonstrates deoxidizing properties (reduces the oxygen content) at temperature below 100 °C. It is also responsible for circuit passivation turning hematites into magnetites. Carbohydrazide is another very important raw material for energetics. It is a better alternative to hydrazine – a product which scavenges oxygen in boiler water and passivates metal surfaces. Hydrazine shows strong carcinogenic and toxic properties. Applying carbohydrazide as an alternative to hydrazine is one of key actions which ensure work safety during energy generation processes

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