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Crossin Insulations – the new generation of polyurethane insulation in the offer of the PCC Group

A new brand of insulation produced by two companies of PCC Group in Brzeg Dolny appeared recently on the construction market. Crossin Insulations is an innovative line of polyurethane insulation, used for complex insulation of buildings. Crossin Insulations are modern spray foam insulations and insulation systems based on rigid polyurethane plates.

Published: 23-03-2016
insulation of the house, roof and attic

Crossin Spray Insulations are polyurethane spray foams intended for quick and effective thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, walls and foundation. These systems can be used inside as well as outside residential buildings, institutions and in industrial and agricultural facilities. Thanks to their high insulating properties, spray foam insulations protect buildings from wind, moisture, mould, fungi and rodents. Due to low density of the material and its light weight, insulation does not burden the construction of buildings. What is even more important is that the insulation does not produce any hazardous substances and is completely safe for health. Crossin Spray Insulation can be used in places where food products are stored and processed.

Another group of products is Crossin Building Insulations - innovative thermal insulation systems which include rigid polyurethane plates, glues, meshes, plasters and other elements, depending on the application of the system. They are used during the whole investment process and significantly improve thermal insulation properties of buildings. They are applied to insulate walls in accordance with ETICS as well as in multi-layer systems, ventilated facades and for thermal insulation of floors. Another important application is technical insulation. Plates are light, and working with them does not require special tools. A thin layer of insulating material does not significantly change the appearance of buildings.

We have created a modern line of top quality products characterised by high efficiency and weather-resistance. Innovative production technology and the outstanding technical parameters make them one of the best insulation systems in Europe and throughout the world – says Rafał Zdon, Vice President of the Management Board of Rokita S.A.

More information about Crossin Insulations can be found at and at

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