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specialty products, formulations

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textile industry


antielectrostatic agents, cleansing agents, emulsifiers, softening agents, washing agents






Roksol AZR is a specialized preparation with excellent softening and anti-electrostatic properties, being a mixture of cationic and non-ionic surfactants. It is produced in the form of an oily liquid of light to dark brown colour. Even a small amount of this product in an aqueous solution or solvents affects the softening of processed raw materials and textiles and reduces electrical resistance. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, Roksol AZR also exhibits emulsifying properties and thus supports the washing and stain removal process. That is why this product is also dedicated to specialist washing compositions.

Roksol AZR dissolves very well in tri- and tetrachloroethylene, in benzene and carbon tetrachloride. It is easily mixed with water, ethyl alcohol, glycerol and acetone. Its aqueous solution foams slightly, and with the use of organic solvents the foaming does not occur. In addition, Roksol AZR is distinguished by its great ability to penetrate the dye in the bath. In addition, its high affinity for fibres helps to achieve excellent washing, softening effects and removal of electric charges.

Roksol AZR does not cause stains, does not stain the white background and does not change the shades of colours, instead makes them vivid – regardless of the type of bath in which it is applied (organic solvents, water). Roksol AZR is recommended primarily for solvent-based application on synthetic, natural and artificial fibres, both in the textile industry as well as in laundries. Applying Roksol AZR can also take place in water by pulling or padding.

Thanks to its properties, Roksol AZR can be used as: an ingredient in spinning preparations with water or with organic solvents, antistatic and softening agent, a washing aid in solvents: textiles, knitted fabrics and full fashion products, anti-crease and anti-shrinking ingredient, detachant and washing aid in laundries. The amount of Roksol AZR used depends on the desired effect, as well as on the technological process to which raw materials or textiles are subjected. The anti-electrostatic effect of Roksol AZR is visible at the application of 0.07% in relation to the fibre mass.

If the materials are to be thermo-stabilized or pressed at a high temperature after the finishing process, the application of Roksol AZR should not exceed 0.12% in relation to the weight of the fibre. Higher application may result in a decrease in the resistance of dye to friction, especially in the case of dark colours. For this reason, it is recommended to perform a thermostabilization before applying the fabric finishers. In this situation, to achieve a significant softening, the application of Roksol AZR can be as much as approx. 1% in relation to the weight of the fibre.

The antielectrostatic properties of the product are also used in the production of plastics, in particular polyethylene and polypropylene films. The product compensates electric charges on the surface of the film, preventing the accumulation of electric charge.

Roksol AZR exhibits very high solubility in water and in organic solvents commonly used in specialized laundries. Aqueous solutions are prepared by adding the required amount of Roksol AZR directly to water preheated to 30-40 ° C and thorough mixing.

The same applies to working with organic solvents, with the difference that when working on aggregates with a closed solvent circuit, Roksol AZR is introduced in the same place where the solvent is added to the aggregate. The introduction process is facilitated by the initial dilution of the added amount of Roksol AZR with the solvent in a 1: 1 ratio.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

• highly soluble in tri and tetrachloroethylene, in benzene and carbon tetrachloride,

• miscible with water, ethyl alcohol, glycerine and acetone,

• its aqueous solutions slightly foam, but when mixed with organic solvents – they do not undergo foaming,

• has excellent softening and antistatic properties,

• exhibits emulsifying properties, which supports washing and stain removal processes,

•high capacity to penetrate the fibres,

• the use of Roksol AZR in one operation ensures great effects of washing, softening and removal of electric charges,

• does not cause stains, does not stain the white background, does not change the shades of the colours, instead makes the colours more vivid,

• it does not require any special treatment during the dissolving process, both in water and in commonly used organic solvents.


• textile industry,

• industrial laundry.

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Mixture of oxyethylenated and quaternized fatty amine, oxyethylenated alcohols and fatty acids (Hide)


softener emulsifier cleaning antistatic agent textiles
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