Chemical name:

Aqueous dispersion of anionic acrylic copolymer


specialty products, specialty additives

Markets and applications:

tanning industry


tanning agents, agents for leather finishing






Rokryl SW1 is a specialist additive used in the tanning industry. It is an anionic, aqueous acrylic dispersion used as a soft resin backbone for various leather assortments. The product is an acrylic copolymer obtained by emulsion polymerization with the use of an appropriate dispersion system. It has the form of a homogeneous, white liquid. Rokryl SW1 dissolves in water in any ratio. In addition, acetic acid and ethyl acetate are suitable solvents for this product. It has excellent resistance to electrolytes.

Mixable with all auxiliary agents used to create coating preparations for the leather finishing process, as well as with other anionic synthetic resins. Rokryl SW1 is densified under the influence of ammonia water and other alkalis and under the influence of auxiliaries characterized by pH values above 7 (e.g. casein pastes, wax emulsions and polymer dispersions).

Rokryl SW1 does not tend to delaminate or increase viscosity during storage. The product is sensitive to low temperatures – under temperature below 0 ° C it freezes, after thawing it delaminates and loses its functional properties.

The product used alone gives soft, sticky coatings with good adhesion to leather and resistance to repeated bending. Used together with anionic dispersions of harder polymers, it increases the coating’s resistance to friction and compression.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  • forms soft, sticky opaque layers that increase bending strength,
  • when used together with anionic dispersions of harder polymers, increases the resistance of layers to friction and pressing,
  • very high water solubility,
  • high resistance to electrolytes,
  • does not delaminate and does not increase viscosity during storage.


  • tanning.

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leather finishing tanning
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