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Rokryl GA14

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Chemical name
Sodium salt of an acrylic copolymer containing complexing agents of iron ions
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Rokryl GA14 is an anionic auxiliary agent used in the tanning industry. It is used for retanning and filling chrome and vegetable tanned leather. The product is an aqueous solution of acrylic syntan containing complexing agents of iron ions. It is a viscous liquid with a light straw colour. It is characterized by high solubility in cold and warm water.

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Properties and applications

Product advantages:

  • an auxiliary substance in the retanning and filling processes for chrome tanned leather,
  • facilitates the penetration of synthetic, resin and plant tannins into the skin tissue,
  • resistance to iron salts,
  • solubility in cold and warm water,
  • forms mixtures with synthetic and vegetable tannins,
  • affects the fullness and tightness of the grain layer,
  • gives leather elasticity and full structure as well as moderately lightens discolouration,
  • shows resistance to sunlight,
  • has twice the filling capacity of hides and skins than vegetable tanning agents,
  • reduces the tendency to form iron stains.


  • tanning.

Markets and applications
Tanning industry

Tanning agents / Filling agents for tanning industry, Retanning agents for tanning industry


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Alternative names
Sodium salt of an acrylic copolymer containing complexing agents of iron ions,
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