Chemical name:

Mixture of methyl methacrylate copolymer, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate and methacrylic acid stabilized with anionic / nonionic emulsifiers


specialty products, formulations

Markets and applications:

raw materials and intermediates


raw materials & intermediates


acrylic acid derivatives




Rokryl N4 is an aqueous dispersion of methacrylic-acrylic copolymer with a solid content of about 50% by mass. The product is a viscous, white to creamy liquid, soluble in water. The solidification point of the product is about 0⁰C. Special care should be taken when storing the product in order not to cool it below the freezing point. This results in the loss of the product's functional properties. 

The copolymer is used as a component of self-shine shoe care pastes. It can also be used in polishing compositions of pastes and preparations protecting against dirt and moisture for wooden floors, terrazzo, marble and glaze. The liquid form of the product facilitates its dosage and application on the treated surfaces.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  •  liquid form for easy dosage,
  •  provides a glossy effect,
  •  creates a protective layer.


  •  footwear industry,
  •  auxiliary preparations in household chemicals.

Alternative names:

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raw material shoe polish self-shine ingredient
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