Chemical name:

Sodium Decyl Sulfate


surfactants, anionic surfactants

Markets and applications:

building & construction, drilling and tunneling, plasterboards & gypsum additives, fire prevention, metallurgical industry, metalworking


base surfactants, foaming agents


alkyl sulfates



CAS No.:



Sodium Decyl Sulfate


ROSULfan D is an anionic surfactant from the group of alkyl sulphates. The product is an alkyl sulfate sodium salt and is available as a 35-37% aqueous solution of low viscosity and colour from colourless to light yellow. This product shows very good foaming properties, creating high and time-stable foams, even in hard water.

Foams obtained from ROSULfan D are characterized by a high degree of hydration (so-called wet foam) and a small diameter of bubbles (fine foam). ROSULfan D also has a low tendency to gel in electrolyte solutions, which eliminates problems related to the local increase in viscosity (e.g. in dosing systems).

Due to its unique foaming properties, the product is primarily used as an air-entraining agent in the construction industry, mainly in the production of drywall. Thanks to its use, it is possible to manufacture light and durable materials. ROSULfan D is also used as a component of synthetic extinguishing media, where it is the basic foaming agent and can be mixed with other surfactants offered by the company. The product can be used in alkaline extinguishing media with a tolerance to caustic solution up to 90 g/l.

ROSULfan D is also used as a component of drilling fluids in tunnelling processes, where its foaming and wetting properties play an important role as well.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  • unique foaming properties, especially in hard water,
  • very good air-entraining properties,
  • optimal wetting properties,
  • easy handling of the product,
  • operation in both acidic and alkaline environments.


  • construction industry – a foaming agent in the production of drywall,
  • foaming extinguishing agents,
  • drilling industry.

Alternative names:

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C10 AS Na; Sodium Decyl Sulfate; (Hide)


foaming agent alkyl sulfate mining & drilling metalworking anionic surfactant anionic
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