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Polyurethane materials are of great importance in the transport industry and can be used for the production of many elements improving the safety of travelers. They are characterized by great precision in the application, regardless of whether the surface is smooth or porous.

Nowadays, travelling has become so common that for many of us it is no longer unique and is an integral part of everyday life. Overcoming long distances used to take weeks, today is a matter of a few hours. What's more, we have an unlimited number of rail, air and bus connections to choose from. As we travel many kilometres every day, we are constantly paying more and more attention to the comfort provided by means of transport.

Published: 23-02-2018

Modern means of transport must, above all, guarantee a high level of security. Materials that provide this feature, and at the same time being the most commonly used in the construction of vehicles, are polyurethanes. Polyurethane materials are of great importance in the transport industry and can be used for the production of many elements improving the safety of travelers. They are characterized by great precision in the application, regardless of whether the surface is smooth or porous. Shortly after the application of the polyurethane foam, a stiffening process takes place, which lasts very briefly. After application, it ensures effective soundproofing thanks to its sound-absorbing properties. Another advantage of polyurethane materials are low operating costs associated with the use of this type of insulation. The corrosion resistance of polyurethanes ensures their stability for a long time, even in difficult conditions.

Polyurethane materials

Polyurethane foams are the main material used for padding car seats. They are used by car manufacturers and car designers to produce seats that can be easily mounted, dismantled and later recycled. Due to their properties, polyurethane foams provide freedom of geometric design, while meeting the highest performance standards in a wide range of hardness, without increasing the final product weight. These foams, even when used intensively, retain their original firmness, shape and elasticity.

The PCC Group is the largest producer of polyether polyols in Eastern Europe. These products are the starting components for the production of flexible and highly flexible polyurethane foams. They are used in the automotive industry, among others, as elements of vehicle equipment, such as: armchairs, headboards, headliners, door panels, sun visors, bumper fills and many more. The products of the PCC Group from the Rokopol® series can be used for the continuous production (slabstock) of highly flexible polyurethane foams, periodic production (batch) or the production of moulding foams. Thanks to modern production technology, Rokopol® products are characterized by very good parameters and a wide range of possible applications. Using polyols and properly selected additives (e.g. stabilizers and antioxidants), it is possible to produce blocks of highly flexible foam with a rectangular cross-section and a height of up to 100 cm.


The PCC Group is a producer of a wide range of specialist additives used in the production of various types of materials for the transport industry. Rostabil products are a group of stabilizers and antioxidants that can be used as additives in the automotive industry. This series is also used in the production of powder paints, gaskets, V-belts, tires and sound insulation. Thanks to their structure, Rostabil products prevent degradation processes of polymeric materials during processing.

Another group of special additives are flame retardants. Transport is an industry in which it is particularly important, for security reasons, to provide materials with a high degree of fire resistance. For this purpose, flame retardants are used in the production of plastics, which are part of the construction and equipment components of vehicles. The products from the Roflam series are a group of effective flame retardants based on phosphoric esters. Their use ensures an increase in the fire resistance of the plastics without adversely affecting the mechanical properties. Products from the Roflam series are an excellent solution for various types of polyurethane materials used in transport.

Roflex products combine the function of flame retardants and plasticizers. These additives, thanks to their structure, wet the polymer grain, enter into its structure and push the polymer chains to create a flexible material. For this reason, they are an irreplaceable addition in specialized applications that require effective plasticization together with effective flame retardation of the material, e.g. in the production of car upholstery.

Finished polyurethane systems for the automotive industry

The PCC Group also offers a series of ready-made Ekoproflex products, which are mixtures of polyalcohols and isocyanates. They are mainly used in the automotive industry for the production of seats in passenger cars, trucks and specialist vehicles. Ekoproflex systems are characterized by high efficiency and short time needed for de-molding. Thanks to the creation of flame retardant integral foams, they are perfectly suitable for the production of automotive dashboards, steering wheels, shift lever and armrests. Ekoproflex can be used wherever high flexibility of the product and high resistance to mechanical damage are required. While products from Ekoprodur series can be used to create semi-rigid and rigid foams mainly used for the production of soffits and polyurethane coatings in cars. These coatings provide exceptional scratch and corrosion resistance. Ekoprodur products allow the creation of high-quality rigid polyurethane coatings of increased density and strength. In addition, polyurethane coatings can also be used to glaze glass, providing increased durability and resistance to fog.

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