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Rokopol® M1170

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PCC Rokita SA / Polyols Business Unit
Chemical name
Glycerine-based block/statistic copolymeron ethylene oxide and propylene oxide
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Rokopol M1170 is a polyether polyol, a block/statistical copolymer of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide based on glycerine. The product is in the form of a free of mechanical impurities liquid and contains antioxidants (excluding BHT). Rokopol M1170 is characterized by high purity and low emission. It has a hydroxyl value in the range of 31-36 mg KOH/g, and its dynamic viscosity is in the range of 1250-1550 mPas at 25°C.

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Properties and applications
  • high purity and low emissions;
  • the possibility of obtaining high-elasticity foams with excellent parameters of density, flexibility, tensile strength and a high support factor;
  • wide application of the product in the furniture, automotive and acoustic insulation industries;
  • can be used in combination with Rokopol F3600 to reduce the hardness of standard foam or super soft foams;
  •  used for the production of HR foams, thermoplastic foams and as a cell-opener;
  • used for the production of flexible foams of increased quality, soft & hypersoft foams and gel foams;



Markets and applications
Furniture / Mattresses & cushions
Transportation / Acoustic insulation, Body panels, bumpers, mirror housings, Cockpits, headlining, steering wheels, Seats, headrests, armrests

Flexible foams / Cell-Openers, Gel touch foams, Soft & hypersoft foams

Alkoxylated alcohols
EO/PO block copolymers

Polyurethanes / Polyether polyols

Alternative names
Glycerine-based block/statistic copolymeron ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, glycerol propoxylated ethoxylated, glycerol poly(oxyethylene, oxypropylene) ether, glycerol, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide polymer, propylene oxide, ethylene oxide, glycerol adduct, 1, 2, 3-propanetriol, polymer with methyloxirane and oxirane
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