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PCC Group, as a company that focuses on the clients’ needs, offers a range of specialist products used in the furniture industry. The company carries out innovative projects based on own original technologies in the areas of the manufacture of polyols, polyurethane systems and additives for plastics.

Competitiveness of furniture is based on the correlation between price, quality and appearance of manufactured items, and qualified designers and researchers take care of design, functionality and high standard carefully. Owing to a dynamic growth of production of armchairs, mattresses or decorative accessories such as cushions or artificial leather, demand for professional chemical agents is increasing.

Published: 5-05-2017


Furniture industry is one of the fastest growing sector of the processing industry. It is a highly competitive and diversified sector. The furniture industry includes the following products: mattresses, chairs and armchairs, leisure and bedroom furniture, furniture components, as well as office, shop, kitchen furniture and many others. Although the furniture industry is mature, it still has a potential for growth which is generated by companies producing upholstered furniture, car and aircraft seats, as well as mattresses.

Furniture manufacturers continuously expand their offers by customizing products. Innovative manufacturing techniques and novel solutions for selection of the raw materials are the result of close cooperation between furniture manufacturers and suppliers’ research divisions. Extraordinary effects such as innovative and unconventional solutions reflect the work on chemical composition and properties of materials, so that features and functions of finished products meet the most demanding clients’ criteria.

PCC Group offer for the furniture industry

A list of products offered by the companies of PCC Group includes, among others: Polyether polyol Rokopol®, specialty additives which includes e.g. brominated flame retardants Roflam® and two-component polyurethane systems Ekoproflex®. They are used for manufacturing of block and formed polyurethane foams.

Products versatility

Products that fall under the above-mentioned categories are suitable for the production of flexible polyurethane foams (highly elastic and thermoplastic polyurethane foams), which are used as filling material for pillows, armchairs and foam mattresses. Among a variety of uses, particular attention should be given to e.g. orthopedic mattresses which are flexible and resilient owing to high resilience foams (HR foams).  Close attention should also be paid to the products used in the prevention of pressure sore and circulation problems (highly elastic foams). Polyurethane systems, on the other hand, are designed to produce mattresses and armchairs of elastic foam blocks or formed elastic foam. Described solutions significantly increase the level of comfort and provide adequate furniture ventilation. What is more, flame retardants offered by PCC Group significantly reduce fire hazard.

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